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Real Aloe: Celebrating Over 50 Years

About Us

Since 1972, Real Aloe has been the brand you can trust because of the way we process our Aloe Vera and our commitment to having the highest quality products that can truly “Make a Difference” in your health and well-being!

Our Aloe Vera plants are organically grown in Southern California and “Handcrafted with Love” in our processing facility at our farm. We are quite literally “Farm to Consumer!”

After more than 50 years, we still “hand fillet” each Aloe Vera leaf to deliver the highest purity and potency possible! Although it’s much more labor intensive, we believe it’s worth it to provide the very BEST quality products that will help you in your everyday life!

In recent years we've included structured water to enhance the absorption and to maintain freshness of each of our products.

Our Aloe Vera soap, body wash, lotion, gels, gelly, spray, shampoo and conditioner provide nutrients to your skin and hair for repair and healthy maintenance.

Our Aloe Vera juices and gels provide the internal benefits Aloe Vera has been known for, for thousands of years, such as: digestion, internal skin care, blood sugar levels, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more. Many people know about Aloe Vera for burns and other topical uses but don’t realize you can put it inside your body where it’s even more spectacular! 

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  • This is GREAT!

    Nearly taste free so very easy to drink by itself. Many uses and great trace minerals. I got shingles the beginning of this year. I had 2 spots on my back and started seeing 4 or 5 more beginning to appear on my side. Within 24hrs of beginning this supplement twice a day, the new emerging spots disappeared and I never got any further spots than the two I started with. What a Godsend not having to deal with the horrible spots and itching! Highly recommend!

    - Verified Customer

  • Grown in the United States

    I stock up on Aloe Vera juice. It improves my constitution. It doesn't just improve my bowel movements. I used to be a person with an unstable autonomic nervous system and had to go to the hospital. Since I started drinking Aloe Vera juice, it seems to have become much better! I was not particular about the brand of Aloe Vera juice, but this one is using the aloe leaves only have grown in the United States. I think that very appealing.

    - Verified Customer

  • The Ingredients are pure

    This is the best aloe i've found out there. the ingredients are pure, and it's made with the inner leaf (my naturopath made sure that i look for this ingredient). I need to take this with my supplements to help with absorption.

    - Verified Customer

  • Best Quality I can find

    I love the taste of this Aloe Vera Juice. I tried many different brands in the market and this is the best quality I can find. Organically grown in southern Cal is the main reason I like this brand. Also, the ingredient is all-natural. Highly recommend it to anyone who likes aloe juice.

    - Verified Customer

  • Great for Indigestion & Bloated Stomach

    Highly recommended product! Great for indigestion and bloated stomach. I drink 60 ml in the morning on an empty stomach and another 60 ml in the afternoon. It is recommended to dilute with a little water. Great taste and high quality!

    - Verified Customer

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